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Please check our FAQ below. If you do not find the answer your need, write to us and we'll get back to you within less than 24 hours.

How often are the exchange rates updated?
Our exchange rates are updated every three hours, 24/7.
What currencies are supported?
We support all 160 commonly circulating world currencies listed below. These cover 99% of all UN recognized states and territories.
A complete list is available here.
What do I get if I upgrade to Pro or Premium?
By default the Currency Converter is entirely free, but if you upgrade to the Premium version ($3.95/month) or the Pro version ($4.95/month) you will get additional features.

(*) Requires a Pro upgrade and your ow domain name (not a subdomain of

You can upgrade your account risk-free. It costs $3.95/month (Premium) or $4.95/month (Pro) and the upgrade can be canceled at any time through your Wix dashboard. UPGRADE.
I do not see any conversions on my pages
Please check the following:
  • Is automatic conversion turned ON? Please go to your settings and check that 'CONVERSION MODE' is set to 'AUTOMATIC'

  • Are you are looking at your site from a country where the currency is the same as the currency of your prices? If you are, your currency and the store's are the same, so no conversion is needed and nothing is shown at all.

    You can force the showing of a conversion by choosing 'Test Mode > ON' in our settings. This allows you to see what the conversion will look like for foreign visitors.
If you checked the above and had no succss, please send us a message with the URL of a page that contains prices which are not being converted and we will go take a look right away.
I want the conversions to REPLACE the original prices on my pages
The Currency Converter is designed to ADD the converted price next to the original price. It is meant as a helpful addition for your visitors' convenience.
It is not designed to REPLACE the original price as this would lead the visitor to believe that he will be charged in his own currency exactly the price shown, which will never be the case (banks often tack on foreign exchange fees on these charges, plus the exchange rate fluctuates between the time of the transaction and the time it is settled).
Displaying the price in a currency other than what the customer will be charged in would therefore expose you to potential trouble, which is why we do not do it.
WIX ACCOUNT ONLY: Does automatic conversion work on pages other than Wix Store (like Wix Bookings for instance)?
The Currency Converter is mostly designed for Wix Stores (products and collection pages). Most of the time it works just fine on other types of prices.
What you should do is add it to your site, and setup the free trial of Pro in the app's settings (it's a true free trial: you will not be charge at all, even if you forget about it!)
Then, if you don't see it working, send us a message and we will go take a look. We'll adjust the script as needed if the conversion is possible (the only time when it is not is if prices are displayed inside an iframe as we do not have access to frames on another domain and can not write to it).
The conversions are not shown in the cart or the checkout pages
The Converter is designed to add the converted price in the product and collection pages for the user convenience (per the app description). We depend entirely on the Wix environment to run this application, and in that environment, both the cart and checkout pages are off limit: we can not make any changes to them at all.