Upgrade to Pro or Premium

What do I get if I upgrade?

By default the Currency Converter is entirely free, but if you upgrade to the Premium version ($3.00/month) or the Pro version ($4.00/month) you will get additional features.

(*) Requires your ow domain name (not a subdomain of wixsites.com)

You can upgrade your account risk-free. Prices start at $3.00/month and the upgrade can be canceled at any time through your Wix dashboard. Here is how to do it:

1. Log into the Wix editor for your web site, click on the Currency Converter app, then on the crown icon (upgrade).

app installation example

2. Or log into your Wix dashboard, click on 'Apps' then 'Manage Apps > Currency Converter > Upgrade App'.

app installation example

3. Click on 'Select'.

app installation example

4. Choose a plan then click on 'Next'.

app installation example

5. Enter your payment details.

app installation example

Follow the rest of the instructions online. Remember that a subscription can be canceled at any time from your Wix Dashboard.

Note that all payments are handled by Wix. We do not get access to your payment information.

As soon as your account is upgraded all the Premium functions will become enabled (it may take a few minutes for the Wix servers to synchronize with ours).